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Same as to own someone, sometimes used as "power-owned".
Origin: Due to a missmatch in programming an "AI", the generated text came out as pwned instead of owned - a simile is; "All your bases are belong to us" where a translatory issue caused a cult gaming phrase that is still in use.

There was later a show created about gaming culture called Über Pwnage, making fun of gaming cue's way before the later more popular shows came to be.

I pwned you, just look at that kd landing at 11...
Pwn Pwn pwnage Own Own Über pwnage
Av IAL den 13 oktober 2022
Närliggande ord: Pushup pussa pussvalla pussywagon puta puten Putler Putt puttebläck PW Pwn Pwned Pydouwääh pyllor Pynda pynglor Pynk pynta Pyr Pyril Pys

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